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Rules of the forum


1. Treat each other with respect
Especially the administrators and mods. We're trying our hardest to make this forum as enjoyable as possible. If you try to start something with us, then you're looking for trouble. Don't bring quarrels over to the boards. If you have a problem with a certain member, then tell an administrator about it, or settle your problems elsewhere.

2. Swearing
Swearing IS, I repeat is allowed. We're pretty laid back on this kind of stuff; just don't use swear words against board members.

3. Rumours
What we hate more than anything else are people who try to spread false rumours around. Before you decide to post a rumour that you heard about, try to check and see if it came from a reliable source. We don't believe in that Hong Kong newspaper bullshit.

4. Post in the right forum
Think before you post, simple as that. For example, if you're going to make a topic about an upcoming video game, then use your head and post it in the correct forum (which would be the E-Lounge).

5. Problems? Suggestions?
If you have any problems with a certain member, or the way this forum is being run, then don't be afraid to contact an administrator. Suggestions are welcome too!

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